Racing Car Nick Girdlestone - History


1978 - Nicks First Car, Mini 1100 Super Sedan
First started racing at the age of 19 in a black Mini. After learning the craft in three different Minis the last being a super-charged fuel-injected 225 hp beast, Nick had to learn the art of rear-wheel drive. A super-charged XU-1 Torana, followed by a Commodore were replaced with a Chev V8 Camaro in the era US chassis and race technology took hold of the sport.

Nick's industrial mechanical engineering background with trained experience in hydraulics, machining, welding and mechanical fitting helped him grasp the technology quickly. He flew to the States in 1989 and brought back a chassis he built and adapted for right-hand drive using a jig at a top U.S. chassis factory. He has since built many successful cars in Australia.
Super Sedan 1989 - Nick gets to grips with a left hand drive late model at Brownstown Speedway Indiana USA

Girdlestone is a reputable chassis builder with excellent workmanship, design and performance history. Many Girdlestone chassis' have had successful track results including championship wins and podium placings. Nick has over 20 years racedriving and car preparation experience, and has for many years not only been sought after by team owners as a driver/manager, but also by his competitors for his technical assistance.
Super Sedan 1991 - Nick at Work on a customer ordered chassis.

1991 - Nick driving the Nicholson Chev Monte Carlo NASCAR in the rain at the Thunderdome Victoria
Super Sedan
In the past Nick has driven Modified Production Sedans, Super Sedans, early Sprintcars, Grand Nationals, Dirt Late Models in the USA, circuit racing in HQ's and a NASCAR at Thunderdome and the Gold Coast Indy.

Girdlestone has raced at many tracks in every state around Australia and his Super Sedan race credentials include the dual winner of the ACT Championship and winner of the Australian Open against internationally renowned drivers. Nick has also won most major �blue ribbon� events on the East Coast since he began this sport.

Nick pulls a crowd pleaser during the Australian Titles at Warnambool Victoria
1995 - Nick prepares to do battle in the Murrays Race Parts Falcon Super Sedan at Archerfield Speedway.
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